eProphet Media is a full-service digital marketing agency, providing website and digital marketing services to attorneys and law firms for over 15 years. We work with large firms with multiple areas of practice, solo-practitioners with narrow areas of practice, and everyone in between.

Our clients enjoy working with us because we are easy to reach, do what we promise, and never cut corners. We take the whole law firm digital marketing and website piece off of our customers’ plates. We proactively manage all the details so they can focus on serving their clients.

Engaging our services begins with a short phone conversation or Zoom call, where we learn about you and your goals. If we determine that we can help in your specific situation, we come back with our recommendations that cover all the bases, bundling the services you need into a digital marketing plan specific to who you are and the clients you want to pursue.

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Lawyer SEO

It’s a fact: When potential clients search online, 85% of them click on the websites that appear organically at the top of the search engine results page (below the paid ads).

Our specialty is developing a digital presence that not only looks great but is also highly visible in the search engines. Let eProphet Media take your website from an online brochure to a powerful marketing tool, that generates a sustainable, growing number of qualified leads each month. In the right hands, lawyer SEO evens the playing field, allowing small law firms to compete with much larger firms. Most importantly, we take a proactive approach to lawyer SEO. This means we are working on your website search visibility regularly, assessing and improving performance. This ensures a continuous ROI — one that lasts far beyond the first few months.

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Law Firm Website Design and Development

Stand out in your market with a website that represents you and your law practice well. We pride ourselves on capturing what makes an attorney or law firm unique and communicating your competitive advantages. With eProphet Media’s website and digital marketing services, you can be sure that when a potential client looks you up online, they will land on your website and be impressed with what they find. First impressions matter. Make sure you have a clean, fast website that looks professional on any device. Most importantly, it will put your practice in a good light, giving visitors the confidence that you are the right person for their case.

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Website Content Strategy & Creation

The content on your law firm’s website and other digital media channels is crucial to how visible you are in searches and to effectively communicating your brand. Let our professional copywriters craft content that clearly reflects who you are, what you do, and how great you are at doing it! eProphet Media is a full-service agency, and we are experts at branding attorneys and determining the perfect messaging. Our clients never have to write their own copy – we develop and proactively adjust the content strategy for each client, based on their goals and what’s happening in their market.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Search Engine Marketing

Get in front of your potential clients — fast! Whether you want to reach new customers, steal business from your competition, or stay top of mind with your current clients, we can craft a solution for you. By leveraging our expertise in various advertising platforms, we can build brand awareness and increase engagement with your target market. Paired with our Lawyer SEO services, we use paid ads to test other markets and potential opportunities as needed. The best part? No long-term contracts. We test each campaign for a limited time, review the data with our clients, and determine next steps.

Traffic & Conversion Tracking

We have spoken with dozens of attorneys who have internet marketing solutions in place, but have no idea how they are performing, if there is unrealized potential to be had, or what marketing efforts are actually generating their leads. We also hear from attorneys who are getting reports sent to them from their current marketing provider but find the data presented indecipherable and meaningless. The cornerstone of everything we do at eProphet Media revolves around good data and communication. We track all phone calls and website leads, so we know what’s working and what’s not. Better yet, we will provide meaningful reporting, showing you leads generated and where they are coming from, and go over it with you, so you can recognize the value our efforts being to the table.

Brand & Messaging Development

You’ve invested in your education, your own appearance, and your professional office space. Now let us develop branding and perhaps a new logo that represents you well. Don’t cut corners by ignoring the things potential customers see before they even contact you. Your messaging and branding factor into that potential client’s decision to reach out. Let eProphet Media’s design and content professionals help you represent what makes you different and work that into your marketing and digital presence.

Online Reviews & Management

What will potential clients read in your online reviews and ratings? 92% of customers use that information to make a purchase decision, so one bad review can lead to multiple lost leads. And the worst part? You probably don’t even realize what you’re losing out on based on the reviews. Worried about a bad review? We will attempt to get that removed or help you craft an appropriate response that will make a difference to prospective clients. We monitor reviews so we can offer an immediate response if warranted.

Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook Management

Various platforms such as Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn, and Yelp are an important part of your digital footprint. Make sure that the presence of your law firm on these platforms is robust by populating your profiles with correct information, branding them with graphics and messaging, and monitoring any reviews that you receive.

Social Media Strategy Development & Execution

What social media channels make sense for your practice? Does your social media presence give the impression that your law firm has more or less credibility? At eProphet Media we use social media judiciously, making sure its use aligns with your goals. If it does, we work to craft a social media strategy to help you reach more potential clients, stay top of mind with past clients, and build your brand. At eProphet Media, all of our efforts are tracked, allowing us to gather accurate data, so can determine what is working and adjust what is not.

Website Hosting

We have heard from many attorneys with website hosting horror stories. With eProphet Media, no need to worry about hackers, viruses, or your website speed. We have dedicated servers with 24-hour support. We handle regular backups and all updates. You’ll be able to rest easy, knowing that your website is secure, your data is being backed up regularly, and your website performance is being monitored.

Email Campaigns

If you have a customer database, eProphet Media will put it to good use. We can leverage those contacts to drive repeat business and referrals by keeping your law practice top of mind. We’ll also make sure your website is gathering the email addresses of potential customers for ongoing communications so we can grow relationships and capture new business.

A La Carte Services

Website and Digital Marketing Consulting

Wish your website would perform better? Not sure what’s working and what’s not? Convinced you’ve been wasting money? Have confusing marketing reports you can’t decipher? Let a team who has turned websites into referral machines for over 15 years take a look. eProphet Media can recommend a course of action, whether that’s helping you set up tracking, researching your visibility, or just consulting with you about your current digital marketing strategy.

Website Maintenance

Regardless of the platform or CMS your website uses, our developers can help you manage it. Backed by years of experience supporting websites large and small, our team provides timely and accurate edits, and emergency service – even after hours.

General Internet Issues

Got a question and need a straight answer? Did your website company vanish and hijack control of your website? Did your domain name expire, and you don’t know how to renew it? Believe us when we say eProphet Media has seen everything in our 15 years. Chances are, we can solve your problem. Give us a call and we will see if we can help. We really enjoy helping people navigate these issues.

Print Material Development

Need brochures or business cards for your office? We can help. eProphet Media can design and develop the print marketing materials you need and make sure they are consistent with your brand. You just approve the designs and choose the paper quality and we will ship it right to you.