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The number of new clients we generate for your business is the only statistic we care about. We constantly reevaluate, rework and expand our clients’ digital strategies to maximize that number, and to increase ROI. That’s why we’re a trusted resource for our clients and our relationships go back seven years or more.

With a combined 40+ years of experience, eProphet is proud to work with the best in the industry, across the board. See how we’ve made an impact for our clients.

Client Results

Below are some of our clients’ results, taken directly from Google Analytics. Every Conversion, aka Goal Completion, is someone finding our clients on the internet and contacting them, either by phone or via a website form. In each chart, the orange line shows Goal Completions for an earlier time period, while the blue line shows Goal Completions for a later time period, after the latest strategy was implemented. Notice the year-over-year or month-over-month increases in Goal Completions/Conversions for each client.

Growth During COVID

With courts closed and fewer people meeting in person during COVID-19, many attorneys couldn’t generate revenue. But while other attorneys slashed their paid ad budgets, our client grew his business. People were still searching online for legal services. The demand was still great. And thanks to our client’s solid organic search presence, his potential clients found him easily. By investing in search engine optimization (SEO), our client generated 84.55% more new client leads in 2020 than in 2019.

Continuous Growth

The goal of any digital marketing campaign is sustainable, continued growth in the number of new client leads generated. This law practice is enjoying a 41% increase in the number of new client leads over the previous year, without increasing their monthly spend. They were an eProphet Media client both years, and this Google Analytics report shows how we continuously improve our clients’ ROI.

First Month ROI

This law practice previously had a website and digital marketing plan developed by a popular law directory company, but the client reported it generated absolutely no leads. Not only did we generate leads for this client during the first month of launch, but we also expanded on that in the second month by over 20%. We continue growing that number of leads to this day.

Reinvestment Produces Outstanding ROI

After several years as a client, this firm accepted our recommendation that a more robust digital marketing strategy would bear more fruit. It did, resulting in an over 500% increase in leads generated year over year. The client reinvested only 50% more to achieve these results.

Sustainable Growth Over Time

Many businesses have their slow times of the year. But it’s always our goal to provide an increasing, sustainable number of new client leads. This client in the health and wellness industry realized a 165% increase in leads in 2019 over the previous year. We achieved this by executing our digital marketing plan on a website that, when we started in 2015, generated only a few leads a year. Now it generates several times that.

Achieve Results Like These

These are just a few examples of how we helped our clients rake in new leads and acquire new customers. We have a proven track record of exceeding our goals and our clients’ expectations. To find out how we can achieve similar results for your business, please contact us today.

Nathan Swanson


More Organic Search Visibility

Branding, Website and Content Development, Digital Marketing Campaign, Monitored Website Hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Distinguished St. Louis appellate attorney Nathan Swanson, an associate attorney at a criminal defense and appellate law firm, was looking to generate more business. He contacted eProphet Media to build him a web presence that would promote his services and generate more business.

eProphet Media spent some time with Nathan to discover what set him apart from other appellate attorneys. We used that information to develop the branding and messaging of his website. Next, eProphet Media researched the market, examining what would be required to achieve high search visibility in a very specific area of the law. After reviewing that data, we crafted an entire website and digital marketing strategy to specifically address Nathan’s goals. We developed the content, website and digital marketing strategy to help this associate attorney establish an independent presence in his market.

Although Nathan’s firm was engaged in digital marketing for the same practice areas, Nathan’s brand-new web presence achieved search visibility that was 1,000% greater than his firm’s within a month. In the months since his new website launched, eProphet Media has continued to grow Nathan’s search visibility and it now stands at 1,800% higher than his firm’s and competes well against the competition.


“My goal was to market myself outside of the efforts my firm was making. eProphet allowed me to do that. Most importantly, they displayed a genuine understanding of my niche practice area. The process was not difficult at all. They took care of everything and within the first few weeks after launch, I was generating leads and more visible in Google than my firm was.”

– Nathan Swanson,
Appellate Attorney

Wendy Alton


More Leads and Signed Clients in the First Month

Branding, Website and Content Development, Digital Marketing Campaign, Monitored Website Hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Family law attorney Wendy Alton was looking to leave her firm and branch out on her own. In order to hit the ground running, she contacted eProphet Media. We helped develop her digital presence and lay the groundwork for her digital marketing before she left the law firm she was working for.

eProphet Media worked with Wendy to develop her brand. We started by finding out what set her apart in the crowded family law attorney market and then wove that into her brand identity. Next, we crafted a digital marketing strategy designed to draw in the clients she was most interested in attracting.

The end result was a beautiful digital presence. This included a website that converted double the number of signed cases and brought in double the number of leads–and that was just in the first month. Now that the website is more established and the digital marketing is kicking in, Wendy is enjoying a steady increase in leads month after month. This proves that a great digital presence, blended with effective digital marketing, is a revenue-generating powerhouse.


“Like most attorneys opening a new practice, I had a limited marketing budget and what I spent it on needed to produce results, with very little room for error. Fortunately, when it came to getting my new website and internet marketing set up, eProphet made it simple. It took just a few hours of my time to speak with them and review their work. Within a few weeks, I had a brand-new website and marketing that doubled the number of cases I would previously sign within the first month.”

– Wendy Alton,
Wendy Alton Family Law & Mediation

Mall Malisow & Cooney, P.C.

Mall Malisow & Cooney


More Qualified Leads with 1/3 of the Website Traffic

Website and Content Development, Digital Marketing Campaign, Monitored Website Hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook Ad Campaign

This Michigan-based estate planning, elder care and special needs law firm had used a popular law directory company, for their internet marketing and website needs. That “finder” site received plenty of website traffic but generated very few new client leads. The attorneys were frustrated with nearly-zero leads and zero return on investment, so they turned to eProphet Media for better results.

eProphet Media took a deep dive into their market, to better understand Mall Malisow & Cooney’s positioning, as well as what prospective clients were searching for. From that research, eProphet Media crafted a strategy designed to increase Mall Malisow & Cooney’s search visibility for their legal services. We developed a new website to align with Google’s best practices for achieving high visibility in searches and launched a search engine optimization plan, putting the firm in front of those searching for their services.

eProphet Media increased Mall Malisow & Cooney’s search visibility in their market. The first month the site launched, the firm saw an increase in new leads that was 25 times what their previous website generated — an exponential bump over the dearth of leads from their old marketing service provider – with only 1/3 of the website traffic the previous website was receiving. We kept the foot on the gas, returning an over 20% increase in new leads the second month. We’ve continued generating new leads every month since.


“Estate planning services have a broad audience, so we were surprised that we had little visibility with our old site. eProphet turned things around for us immediately. They made us a new website and campaign that generated leads in the first month, and every month since. I wish we would have used eProphet sooner.”

– Art Malisow, Partner
Mall Malisow & Cooney, P.C.

Southeast Disability Advocates

Southeast Disability Advocates website design


More Traffic and 200% More Qualified Leads in one month

Website and Content Development, Monitored Website Hosting, Digital Marketing Campaign, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A social security disability attorney in Florida, who has worked with a number of digital marketing companies for attorneys over the years and was frustrated by the lack of results, reached out to eProphet Media, hoping that we could help his firm finally generate case leads from the internet.

eProphet Media conducted extensive market research and then devised and launched a new completely revised website – that was developed to align with Google’s best practices for ranking in searches – and digital marketing strategy focused on getting website visitors to contact the firm, thus converting visitors into leads.

Within one month, the new website and digital marketing strategy results in a 200% increase in leads and a 700% increase in organic search traffic over the client’s previous website, which was developed by a popular law directory company. Within six months, the new website generated a 3400% increase in leads over the previous site.


“I was growing frustrated trying to successfully market my firm on the internet, trying multiple companies over a number of years. FindLaw was a zero and the firms that promised leads through expensive AdWords campaigns didn’t result in ROI. eProphet Media has been the complete answer. I don’t need to worry about my marketing or my website. My biggest problem now is trying to follow up on all the leads.”

– Bruce Haught, Principal
Southeast Disability Advocates


TrueRest Results


More Search Traffic in Three Months

Client Since: January 2018

Franchisee Digital Marketing Campaign

Located in a very tough market – with two competitors within three miles – and limited by corporate restrictions, True REST Detroit needed a solution that would set them apart from the competition and generate business.

eProphet Media conducted an extensive review of True REST’s market, reviewed what they were doing and the restrictions they had as a franchisee – without direct control of their website – and developed a strategy to get the most out of the digital marketing opportunities available to them.

eProphet Media was able to increase the organic search traffic to True REST Detroit’s location page on the True Rest corporate website by over 400% in three months and by over 600% within six months – and the corporate office took notice.


“eProphet Media was able to work within the constraints we had and position our business ahead of our competition. They are easy to work with and are a trusted resource for us when it comes to any website or marketing situation we have.”

– J.K., Owner
True REST Detroit

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