Improve Your Digital Presence and Get More Qualified Leads with Lawyer SEO

Lawyer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for attorneys who want to beat out their competitors and win more prospective clients. Read why below, and watch the video to hear directly from one of our many Lawyer SEO clients.

Lawyer SEO Helps You Compete with the Big Guys

In Google’s eyes, it doesn’t matter if you’re a large law firm with 15 partners, or a solo practice with just you and a paralegal. In the world of search engines, all websites are created equal. Or rather, all sites have an equal chance to rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Lawyer SEO is the wizardry that happens behind the scenes. It tells Google that your website matches a searcher’s intent. Then, Google displays your law firm’s website to the potential clients you seek.

Achieve High Search Visibility in Google

People trust Google because it delivers the most relevant results. When you’re listed higher up in Google’s search results than your competitors, it conveys competence to potential clients. The higher your law firm is listed, the more likely people are to click on your website, contact you, and trust you with their legal situation.

Done Right, SEO Establishes You as an Authority

Not only do potential clients see your position in SERPs, but so do other attorneys. People will start to view you as an authority in your market and in your specialty of law. As you build a name for yourself, Lawyer SEO helps build brand awareness and grows your reputation.

You Can Track and Measure Lawyer SEO

With phone call tracking and Google Analytics, you can learn which traffic sources are generating the most qualified leads. Your metrics can tell you if a potential client found you via Google or Facebook, and even which page of your website they called you from after doing a search. This information is critical for tweaking and optimizing your digital presence to repeat the best outcomes.

Over time, analyzing Lawyer SEO helps you understand your market’s behavior and consumer trends. This data can help to determine next steps as your business grows, such as adding more practice areas or gaining search visibility for a very specific practice area, like “boating accidents.” You also can use it to become visible in other markets, such as nearby cities or your whole state.

Create a Referral Network That Keeps on Giving

In the right hands, Lawyer SEO can become a sustainable, endless ongoing source of qualified leads for your law firm, with the numbers continuing to grow over time.

Ongoing Lawyer SEO protects your business from downturns in the economy, sustains business if a rainmaking partner leaves the firm, or your referral network hits a dry spell. Lawyer SEO works because the internet is always on and people are always searching online for legal services.

Enjoy the Lowest Cost Per Qualified Lead with Lawyer SEO

Unlike highway billboards, TV commercials, or expensive pay-per-click (PPC) ads, organic Lawyer SEO doesn’t stop when a campaign ends.

Lawyer SEO is a bargain for the number of leads it generates. The money you spend goes toward improving your site, both now and into the future. The investment keeps building on itself. Lawyer SEO helps your site reach more searchers who may convert into potential clients.

The majority of searchers—about 85%—click on organic search results instead of paid ads after a Google search. That’s because people trust organic results over ads. With the right digital marketing strategy in place, you’ll get high organic visibility. This helps you tap into to a rich pool of qualified leads without worrying about cost per click.

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Why You Should Choose eProphet Media as Your Law Firm Digital Marketing Agency

When you partner with us, you speak directly with the experts working on your website, not with an account manager or middleman. Our goal is to maximize your ROI, not your spend. Through our data-driven Lawyer SEO services, clients usually see results within just one month. The fact that we consistently produce results is part of the reason why our average law firm client has been with us for seven years.

Trust Our Over 15 Years of Experience in Lawyer SEO

As seasoned law firm internet marketing veterans, we know exactly what areas to tweak and what levers to pull to make Lawyer SEO more effective. You’re not working with someone who is learning the game as they go. Our people are pros. We give you high-performing digital marketing strategies that bring in qualified case leads quickly after launch.

No Long-Term Contracts, Just Long-Term Clients

Our clients look to us as trusted partners in Lawyer SEO. Many clients have been with us for about a decade. Why? Because our boutique firm offers a high level of service and delivers on what we promise. We work hard for our clients, just like you work hard for yours. We don’t ask for long-term contracts. Instead, we want to earn your continued business through our hard work, experience and proven results.

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You’re too busy being an attorney to deal with Lawyer SEO. That’s why we can do it all for you. We’re a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in Lawyer SEO. Our process makes things painless and stress-free for you. Reach out today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

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