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Law Firm Website Design Services

In today’s competitive marketplace for legal services, having a website is table stakes. It’s the basic expectation of any client who is looking for an attorney. But basic is not good enough. To be the attorney clients choose, your law firm’s website needs to outshine the rest. Here are 10 ways we will do that for you.

1. Completely Custom Law Firm Websites

We don’t start with a template and customize it. No. We start from scratch so your law firm website is completely unique to you. With a bespoke law firm website design, you know your website won’t look like anyone else’s. It’s an extension of you and only you.

2. Build Your Law Firm’s Brand and Tell Your Story

One thing that makes your law firm website design unique is that it’s born from your brand. If you don’t have a brand identity yet, no worries. We can create that for you, too. Your story flows from your brand. We’ll use clear, concise copy to explain your services and why you’re the right lawyer for the job.

3. Design for the Right Audience

Your audience is a key factor that informs law firm website design. Do you typically work pro bono and get paid when your client wins? Or are you an attorney at a large, multi-partner law firm that serves high-paying clients? The look and feel of your website must be consistent with the audience you want to attract.

4. We Know What Your Clients Want

With decades of experience designing law firm websites, we’ve learned what attorneys’ clients are looking for. We go back and measure the performance of every law firm website we design. With the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the years, we know how to design law firm websites that attract and convert high-value clients.

5. Inspire Potential Clients to Contact Your Law Firm

Yes, of course you want every prospective client who lands on your website to immediately call you. But first you need to build credibility and earn trust. We have many tools in our law firm website design toolbox to help you do that.

6. Lawyer SEO Is Built In

For many law firm website design agencies, search engine optimization (SEO) is an afterthought. Not for us. We bake in search engine optimization from the start. It’s the foundation of your entire law firm website design. SEO is how your law firm website gets found. And effective website design is how we convert traffic into clients.

7. Mobile-friendly Law Firm Website Design

Every year, we see more web traffic coming from mobile devices. That’s why it’s important to design for mobile screen sizes and not just for desktop browsers. If your law firm website design doesn’t function well on a mobile device, then you could be losing prospective clients. We make sure our law firm website designs look great on any device.

8. Speedy, Fast-loading Websites

Sure, your law firm website may look amazing. But if it takes too long to load, people will leave your website. Don’t risk losing prospective clients before they even lay eyes on your great content. We carefully build and test all our sites to make sure they load lightning quick.

9. Work with a Dedicated Law Firm Digital Marketing Team

At eProphet Media, you speak to and work directly with the experts working on your case, not with an account manager or middleman. We start by learning everything we can about you and your business. Then we assess your current market position and your competition. That research lays the necessary groundwork. Then the real fun begins. We come up with a strategic law firm website that looks good, functions great, and generates qualified leads for your law practice.

10. We Handle Everything for You

Our clients are too busy running their law firms to deal with law firm website design. That’s why we do it all for you. We’re a full-service law firm digital marketing agency. We specialize in law firm SEO and law firm website design. Our process makes things painless and stress-free for you. Soon, you can kick back and watch the leads roll in from your newly designed law firm website.

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