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eProphet Media offers the full spectrum of digital marketing solutions, including:


Search engine


Website traffic


Online advertising


Constant strategy

We never stop working for you.

Why use the same strategy for the same results month after month? Unlike other firms, eProphet Media constantly reviews, reworks and extends your digital reach. Our strategies are endless and ever-changing so your leads are always on the rise.

More revenue steadily


Increase in acquisition
in one year

Michigan Elite Conditioning
for Athletes

More growth consistently


Increase in settlements &
verdicts in eight years

The Mike Morse Law Firm

More leads fast


Increase in leads
in three months

New Method Steel Stamps

More ROI instantly


Increase in leads
in three months

Zipin, Amster & Greenberg Employment Law Firm

Seeing is Believing

Each month, you’ll receive a detailed report and a one-on-one explanation of how our digital marketing plan performed. You’ll see concrete numbers, real return on investment, and our recommendations for moving forward.

Trust Our Internet Marketing Expertise

Don’t worry about internet marketing; we are your total solution. We handle domains, email, web design and maintenance, hosting, campaigns, SEO, SEM, traffic and conversion tracking, advertising, and everything you could possibly need to generate qualified leads.

Whether we’re doing law firm SEO or general business internet marketing services, we have long-term clients but not long-term contracts. Our clients—who’ve been with us seven years on average—appreciate our measured approach to digital marketing. They come to us because they’re not sure where to begin, or what strategy to invest in. Once we show them real results, they know they can trust our experience.

We’re known for law firm search engine optimization (SEO) for attorneys across the U.S., as well as SEO for a variety of businesses including manufacturing, trades, services, and the health and wellness industry.

But we don’t just do business and law firm SEO. We’re a full-service digital marketing company offering website creation and curation, domain hosting, email campaigns, search engine marketing, Google Ads, directory optimization, ecommerce integration, social and reputation management and more. With everything we touch, we strive to increase customer conversions.

Give us a try. We’ll use hard data to drive your internet marketing strategy. We’ll help you rank high in organic search results, generate qualified leads and increase conversions. With a no-cost, no-obligation phone consultation, you have nothing to lose. Don’t waste another minute on expensive gimmicks that give you zero return on investment. Instead, contact us today for a better way.

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