Lawyer SEO Services

Improve your website’s visibility and get more qualified leads with lawyer SEO services from eProphet Media.

When you need to compete with bigger law firms online, search engine optimization (SEO) is the way to go.

Lawyer SEO Services

Improve your law firm website’s search visibility and get more qualified leads with lawyer SEO services from eProphet Media.

When you need to compete with bigger law firms online, search engine optimization (SEO) is the way to go.

Lawyer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Expertly executed lawyer SEO can be your silver bullet. It’s how your law firm gets found online. Done right, lawyer SEO positions you perfectly so prospective clients find and contact you first.

Here are 10 advantages of our SEO services for attorneys.

1. We Tailor Lawyer SEO to You

Your brand, your strengths and your market position are unique to you. We learn all we can about your business, then we create a digital marketing plan completely customized to your needs and your market.

2. Build a Sustainable Marketing Asset, Not An Electronic Pamphlet

Every dollar you invest in lawyer SEO services will stay in your website. You’ll reap the rewards now and in the future. Lawyer SEO is like the flywheel that keeps your web search visibility running effortlessly.

3. Reach People When They Need You Most

Well-crafted lawyer SEO will put your law firm in front of potential customers at their time of need. When they search for “lawyers near me,” they’ll find you. And a majority of people hire the first attorney they contact.*

4. Generate Qualified Leads

We know what levers to pull to inspire your dream clients to contact you. After doing lawyer SEO for 12 years, we’ve learned what your prospective clients are looking for. We have many tools in our lawyer SEO toolbox to help attract and convert high-value clients.

5. Create a Economy-Proof Insurance Policy

Even during a downturn in the economy and a global pandemic, lawyer SEO still works for our clients. It can help protect your business from losses if a word-of-mouth referral network dries up or a partner retires. Learn how our client grew his business during COVID-19 using solid lawyer SEO.

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6. Consistent SEO Is Key

Unlike paid Google Ads, organic lawyer SEO never stops. You don’t have to turn it on or off. Lawyer SEO doesn’t “run out” like pay-per-click campaigns do when budgets run dry. There are no bidding wars. Instead, lawyer SEO pricing stays consistent while your visibility and leads continue to rise.

7. Research and Data Garner Results

We start by carefully assessing your current market position and your competition. That research lays the foundation for a solid lawyer SEO strategy. We keep building on it over time, generating more qualified leads each month.

8. Lawyer SEO Keeps Getting Better

We never stand still. We use clear reporting and third-party tools to continue making improvements. We constantly review the data and analytics, then rework our lawyer SEO strategy to extend your digital reach. You’ll see how each tweak can bring in more prospective clients.

9. Work with a Dedicated Team of Lawyer SEO Pros

At eProphet Media, you work and speak directly with the experts working on your internet presence, not with an account manager or middleman. Our goal is to maximize your ROI, not your spend. Through our data-driven lawyer SEO services, clients typically see results within just a few weeks.

10. We Handle Everything for You

Our clients are too busy being attorneys to deal with lawyer SEO. That’s why we do it all for you. We’re a full-service law firm digital marketing agency specializing in lawyer SEO. Our process makes things painless and stress-free for you. Soon, you can kick back and watch the leads roll in.

*According to an article in the National Law Review, a 2014 US Consumer Legal Needs Survey indicated that 87% of people who contact an attorney go on to hire that same attorney. Of those searching for an attorney, 72% only contact one.

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