About eProphet Media

For over a decade, eProphet Media has been developing and executing digital marketing strategies for law firms and businesses big and small, local and far away. Our name comes from our ability to clearly see and strategize into the future. We foresee trends quicker, stay ahead of the competition, and implement innovations in competitive industries, which allows each client to gain more business.

In the Beginning

Back in the early 2000s, when the internet first took root as a must-have marketing tool for businesses, so did the seeds of eProphet Media. Since then, founder Brian Galicki has been one step ahead of the latest digital trends – leveraging every advancement to push businesses forward. From auto giant Ford Motor Company to news station FOX 2 Detroit, one after another, industry leaders across Michigan dove into digital strategies using Galicki’s guidance.

With Galicki on their side, Michigan attorneys, too, began realizing the potential of the internet. Through carefully crafted digital marketing strategies combined with targeted search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, law firms saw their case leads increase month after month and their internet visibility reach to the most coveted positions in Google – not just in one practice area, but in all of them. To date, these results in the competitive legal arena remain rare.

Galicki’s reputation for constantly improving returns on investment backed by clear data and adaptive strategies led the University of Michigan – School of Nursing to bring him on for all their website needs. It also led to the of launch eProphet Media.

Innovation Meets Inspiration

With a growing employee base and a network of top-notch contributors, in 2008 eProphet Media was hired to galvanize the website of the world’s top fitness model, Greg Plitt, and spearhead an intensive integrated marketing and social media campaign. As a result, the membership-based fitness website became the first ever to gross over a million dollars a year at its peak before Greg passed away tragically in 2015.

Full-service, Extreme Attention

Always adapting, eProphet soon began charting a new course, expanding its services to highly responsive SEO initiatives and new, next-level digital marketing approaches. Today, over a decade later, the company’s client roster includes over 20 longtime partners and several growing relationships representing a wide variety of industries. We are extremely proud to say that each client is experiencing consistent growth as a result of our collaborations and attention to detail.

Experience Meaningful Results

Since day one, the biggest reflection of our success has been the number of referrals made by our clients to others looking to improve their businesses. At eProphet Media, we’re committed to providing great service while always remaining accessible – to meet, to review, to implement a new idea. If you’re ready to revamp your current digital marketing and SEO strategy, or start completely from scratch, our team is ready to assist.

We are a complete digital solutions provider.

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