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    Every project is different, but we have so far never failed to deliver a meaningful boost in case leads to our clients with our comprehensive and time tested process.

    Our digital marketing results are sustainable – we don’t use any “black hat” tactics that Google disapproves of – and will be maintained and improved upon as you continue to work with us.

    Here’s what you
    can expect:

    • An increasing number of leads over time as a result of an ongoing, multi-phase digital marketing strategy that brings leads the competition used to get to you.
    • Full service website and digital marketing support. We do it all, with a high level of service our clients have come to trust and rely upon.
    • A constantly updated plan with defined goals, so you know what we are doing on your behalf month-to-month.  We like to keep our clients informed and as engaged in the process as they wish.

    Why we are better than the competition:

    • Every one of our law clients has worked with us for multiple years because we achieve the results we promise.  We have been doing law firm digital marketing/SEO for over ten years.
    • We actively work to bring you case leads for your practice areas for all of the geographic regions you serve.  Want to rank statewide, we will develop a plan to achieve that and successfully implement it.
    • No long term contracts.  Try us out for 3-6 months, see the results for yourself before moving ahead with a more aggressive campaign.
    • Third party proof of our success.  Monthly reports that track new case leads via phone and your website and show where they came from.

    Next steps:

    • Fill out our contact form for a free website consultation.  We will analyze your existing site and explain how we can help.  If we agree that we are a match during our ten minute consultation, we will create a proposal tailored to the needs of your practice.
    • Call or email us now and tell us about your existing digital marketing challenges.
    • Read all the great testimonials from our existing clients, including many who are so happy that they made the switch to us, they have been with us for five years or more here.

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    Check out some of our SEO work!

    Friedman Law Firm

    Launch Date: March 2011, March 2016

    Client Since: March 2011

    Services: Website Development, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Responsive Website Design, Website Maintenance, Website and Email Hosting

    Project Scope: eProphet Media has been serving the Friedman Law Firm for almost five years. Not only have we built them a site that looks great and is easy to navigate, but we increased site traffic and the number of referrals generated by the website by getting his site to rank for his areas of practice in the cities he serves.

    Testimonial: “I have counted on eProphet Media’s web site and SEO expertise for over five years now. I appreciate their responsiveness when I have a question and the fact that they competently handle my internet marketing, allowing me to focus on serving my clients.”
    - Lowell Friedman, Owner
    Friedman Law Firm

    The Mike Morse Law Firm

    Launch Date: October 2017

    Client Since: 2007

    Services: Website Development, Responsive Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Website Maintenance, Project Management, Website Hosting

    Project Scope: The Mike Morse Law Firm has counted on eProphet Media’s search engine optimization expertise and website development skill for over eight years, to bring in potential clients and helped expand their business from a law firm that generated $12 million in settlements annually to a firm that now generates over $85 million in settlements.

    Testimonial: “I’ve counted on eProphet Media for my SEO and website services since 2007. They have guided us through three complete website revisions and delivered a tremendous return on investment with their SEO services by increasing our website traffic, generating more case leads, and ultimately helping me grow my firm.”
    - Mike Morse, Owner
    The Mike Morse Law Firm

    Zipin, Amster & Greenberg, Law Firm

    Launch Dates: April 2011, August 2016

    Client Since: April 2011

    Services: Website Development, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Website Maintenance, Project Management, Website and Email Hosting

    Project Scope: eProphet Media designed and built a website for this Maryland based law firm. When the market got more competitive, they turned to us for help with search engine optimization and we worked with them to expand the reach of their website and bring in more clients.

    Testimonial: “eProphet Media has guided our law office through the world of SEO and law firm marketing for the past five years. We rely on their skill and experience to keep us at the top of the search engines, helping us to generate business and grow our practice.”
    - Gregg Greenberg, Partner
    Zipin, Amster & Greenberg

    Leidal & Hart Mason Contractors

    Launch Date: December 2014

    Client Since: December 2014

    Services: Website Development, Responsive Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Website Hosting, Website Maintenance

    Project Scope: We transformed Liedal & Hart’s old website into a new mobile-friendly site. Liedal & Hart also enlisted our search engine optimization services to drive business growth and currently ranks nationwide for select keywords relating to the services they provide.

    Testimonial: “We were seeking a new website, the search engine optimization work that eProphet Media did, got us ranking across the whole country and has been a nice added bonus, that’s generating new business for us.”
    - Brad Leidal
    Project Manager

    NXT Level Physique

    Launch Date: July 2014

    Client Since: July 2014

    Services: Website Development, Responsive Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Project Management, Website Maintenance, Website Hosting

    Project Scope: NXT Level Physique needed an online platform to collaborate with professionals across the fitness industry. eProphet Media delivered a mobile friendly site with ongoing SEO to grow their traffic from less than 100 visits per month to over 7,000 in under 1 year.

    Jeffrey Buehner, Attorney

    Launch Date: October 2014

    Client Since: October 2014

    Services: Website Development, Responsive Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Website Maintenance, Website Hosting, Conversion Optimization

    Project Scope: Attorney Jeffrey Buehner was less concerned about the look of the site and more focused on having a website that generated case referrals. We delivered, creating a responsive site that ranks on the first page of Google for over 100 terms relating to his practice areas and increased his client inquiries/calls/consultation forms dramatically over the last 14 months.

    Testimonial: “When I was looking for someone to do my website, I searched for other law firm websites that ranked well. eProphet Media ended up at the top of my list and their expertise has been invaluable.”
    - Jeffrey Buehner, Attorney at Law

    New Method Steel Stamps

    Client Since: March 2015

    Services: Website Consulting, Search Engine Optimization, Website Maintenance, Website and Email Hosting

    Project Scope:New Method had an under-performing website that was not generating any sales leads. In March 2015, we were awarded a contract to take over operations of the website and perform search engine optimization. New Method has increased their organic traffic over 100% and is now generating new business from their website..

    Testimonial: ”My existing website wasn’t producing any sales leads. eProphet Media said they could change that. I gave them a shot and the results have been fantastic. Their SEO plan got me ranking in Google for the right terms and the sales referrals and phone calls flowed in. Dollar for dollar, this has been the best marketing investment I have made.”
    -Charlie Brown, President
    New Method Steel Stamps, Inc.

    Southeast Disability Advocates

    Launch Date: December 2017

    Client Since: December 2017

    Services:Website Development, Responsive Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Website Maintenance, Website Hosting, Local SEO

    Objective: A social security disability attorney in Florida, who has worked with a number of digital marketing companies for attorneys over the years and was frustrated by the lack of results, reached out to eProphet Media, hoping that we could help his firm finally generate case leads from the internet.

    Approach: eProphet Media conducted extensive market research and then devised and launched a new completely revised website and digital marketing strategy.

    Result: Within the first two weeks of launch, the new website generated five times the search engine traffic of the client's previous FindLaw website, and the traffic volumes are still growing, as we are early in the process.

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