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    Rizer Mediation

    Client Since: December 2015

    Services: Search Engine Optimization, Website Maintenance, Website Hosting, Conversion Optimization

    Project Scope:Rizer Mediation had tried several other search engine optimization providers, they chose eProphet Media after seeing our record of actual SEO results we achieved for our existing SEO clients.

    DS Laboratories

    Service Dates:2015-2016

    Services: Website Development, Website Maintenance, Project Management

    Project Scope: DS Laboratories required website maintenance and design services on their existing websites. eProphet Media provided those as well as assisting with building landing pages for advertising campaigns and programming databases for their websites.

    University Of Michigan - School Of Nursing

    Launch Date: April 2009

    Service Dates: 2007-2009

    Services: Website Maintenance, Project Management, Website Development, Website Design

    Project Scope: eProphet Media was awarded a contract of the University of Michigan Regents for website development and maintenance services over a two year period to the University of Michigan School of Nursing.

    New Method Steel Stamps

    Client Since: March 2015

    Services: Website Consulting, Search Engine Optimization, Website Maintenance, Website and Email Hosting

    Project Scope:New Method had an under-performing website that was not generating any sales leads. In March 2015, we were awarded a contract to take over operations of the website and perform search engine optimization. New Method has increased their organic traffic over 100% and is now generating new business from their website..

    Testimonial: ”My existing website wasn’t producing any sales leads. eProphet Media said they could change that. I gave them a shot and the results have been fantastic. Their SEO plan got me ranking in Google for the right terms and the sales referrals and phone calls flowed in. Dollar for dollar, this has been the best marketing investment I have made.”
    -Charlie Brown, President
    New Method Steel Stamps, Inc.

    Greg Plitt, Fitness Personality and Actor

    Launch Date: September 2009, March 2014

    Service Dates: 2008-2015

    Services: Website Development, Website Design, Website Maintenance, Project Management, Website Hosting, Social Media Management

    Project Scope: eProphet Media designed, developed, and managed fitness membership website GregPlitt.com for over seven years, including all membership transactions and all marketing efforts. Plus, we guided it through a major redesign in 2014. GregPlitt.com was the first fitness membership site to gross over $1,000,000 annually.

    hinden AG

    Launch Date: April 2013

    Client Since: April 2013

    Services: Website Development, Website Design, Website Maintenance, Website Hosting

    Project Scope: Swiss company hinden AG, wanted a simple direct sales website to display information about their industrial product.

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